Learn from water

If we cant b like water,

At least we can learn to live.

Every moment on move,

bt no tiredness.

Everyday comes to beach n return,

bt no irritation.

Everyday change direction according air,

But no frustration.

Maintaining nature system,

But no proudness.

Extremely deep, but silent.



 Its about Satisfaction

Success is not about Money , Its about achievement. Happiness is not meant “Dream comes true”, its about Satisfaction.

One, who struggle for 1 bread everyday, Another, who keep struggling to increase millions , 

He, who achieve 1 bread can be Succeed coz of his achievement, Rather than that millionaire , who didn’t achieved that he is looking for.  

Keep yourself satisfied from your achievements , which makes you happy , rather then wish for other things which u don’t .

Diwali Gift To Friends

Na kuchh Badla Tha, Na kuchh Badla haiWahi Ehsaan Hai ,
Wahi Jazbaat Bhi hai Bas Waqt Ki Tangi Hai,
Warna Tum Bhi Wahi Ho , Ham Bhi Wahi hain.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Har Waqt Ka Sath Tha, Har Waqt Ki Baat Thi,
Na Dhoop Ki Ranjish , Na Barish Ki Aazmaish Thi,
Wahi Zameen Hai, Wahi Aasmaan Hai.  Bas Waqt Ki Tangi Hai,
Warna Tum Bhi Wahi Ho, Ham Bhi Wahi Hain.

Great Idea About Living

One who takes account of his shortcomings will always gain by it; one who is unmindful of them will always suffer. One who is afraid of the Day of Judgment, is safe from the Wrath of Allah. One who takes lessons from the events of life, gets vision, one who acquires vision becomes wise and one who attains wisdom achieves knowledge.

Hazrat Ali A.S.